MouseZoom 2.2

Speed up your Magic Mouse's cursor


  • Speeds-up your mouse beyond OS X default mouse slider
  • Works for Trackpads too


  • Anything above halfway is ridiculously fast

Very good

If you've got yourself a spanking new Magic Mouse for your Mac, you may be more than just a little bit disappointed with some parts of it's functionality.

Fortunately, a mini cottage industry of Magic Mouse software is already developing to fill the gap left by Apple. If it's simply the slow speed of your Magic Mouse cursor that is annoying you, MouseZoom is a simple solution that speeds it up even if your Mac OS X native mouse speed slider is set at maximum.

MouseZoom installs as a preference pane and operates via a simple slider. Simply use the slider to set the speed you want. Although this isn't designed specifically for the Magic Mouse, it does work for it and of course, it works with a Mighty Mouse, Trackpads and other generic mouse devices. As you change the speed, you get some humorous ratings such as 'Uber fast!', 'Nice and Fast', 'Not Very Fast', etc. You'll find that the top setting in MouseZoom is unbelievably fast - I can't imagine why anyone would need a mouse at that speed.

If your mouse or Trackpad speed is dragging you down, MouseZoom will speed things up to the pace you need.

Intel Compatible version released


  • Intel Compatible version released


MouseZoom 2.2

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